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What a great group of gals

I’ve been having problems with my debit card when it comes to ordering things online lately. I dont know if its because I have a differnt mailing than billing address and im overseas or if its just the card company being lame but I went to purchase the group of stuff from Team Estrogen and my card was declined because of address dispcrepencies yet again. So I emailed them in regards to it since I do this with another site and they clear the issue and send my mail. But TE said I need to call and manual place the order so it doesnt ask for billing address info. So I will be doing that as soon as its 8am in the states today.

But I was quite surprised with there customer service. The lady was pretty thorough as to what the issue might be so I have something more clear to ask my card company. Other sites just tell me I need to discuss the decline with my card company. Which I have already and they said theres nothing wrong on their end. So im quite pleased with TE and hopefully theres no problems when I place my manual order.

I’s just want my birfday pwesent! lol

I ran into the head guy of my cycling team (Spangdahlem Sabers) the other day. Due to work he’s been gone for a few months. They’re planning to get some group rides together soon seeing as the weather is slowly starting to looking up. He informed me that they have race dates posted. Majority being Mt. Biking. I may just have to give in and give Mt. Biking a shot.

 Its been blue skies since monday. So Unusual!! Unfortunately between class and homework I havent gotten any rides in. I may squeeze one in today since I took leave from work as im waiting for furniture to be delivered today. I should take advantage of the blue skies before it snows again and gets all gray. Yes there is supposidelly snow forcasted for tonight and tomorow. Sadly temps arent even supposed to top 40 degrees today so It may be a chilly ride..but sunny at least. I cant believe theres still snow coming after all this gorgeous spring wanna-be weather.


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