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Lungs are strong, legs are mush.

So it seems the time i’ve spent on the treadmill this winter really didnt do much for me. My lungs are as good as can be but my legs got nothing from it. I decided to go for a run outside today since the temps were in the 60’s. The whole time I had no problem as far as being winded or anything its just my legs didnt want to go. They felt like bricks. I think the treadmill was a cheat. It forces you to move your legs but you arent getting the same muscle use than actually having to push your body across the ground seeing as the motored belt does that for you. Even with a base level inclined at 2 it didnt seem to do much. So my first outdoor spring run was for lack of a better word…..shit.

I dont know if this map will show up for those without an account but I map my routes on www.beginnertriathlete.com so I dont forget the distances they are and such. http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/discussion/training/map.asp?routeid=91431 Its 1.78 miles one way. So even if I had to walk a few times to give my legs a break I managed to more miles in one run outdoors than I have on a single treadmill run!! I topped 2 miles each time on the treadmill but did 3.5 miles today. Guess the treadmill really did bore me lol.


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