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I came across these silly videos when browsing somone elses blog. My husband thought they were funny but they poke fun at the cycling chat that often goes on between guys (and im sure some girls). HereHere, and here. Theres many more link to them.

Among browsing videos this morning I came across this one. Its a Bike messenger race. Now I think its cool that there are bike messengers out there and all, its good for the enviroment and sends a good message literaly but some cyclists wonder why people arent always biker friendly. This is a good example of what not to do when cycling through busy streets while cutting off cars and nearly hitting pedestrians. Its in NYC but if cyclists want the same rights and respect as cars on the road than we cant go being hypocrits and pissing off other people in the process. But then again its NYC and that place is just crazy to begin with.  In the end its a fun video to watch to see how these guys race and manuever around to deliver their messages! You get a rush just watching them. Good to see their finaly using bike lanes at the end lol.

Today is another beautiful day for a ride (at least temperature wise) but due to class and work its not going to happen. Tomorow is supposed to be sunny again so I may have to get up early to fit in a ride before class.

Sometimes I think im a fashionesta (sp) on 2 wheels. Ok not really but I like seeing what’s out there for jersey’s and often prefer cool colorful ones. I shop TeamEstrogen.com for alot of my stuff. There quick to ship and im usualy never dissatisfied with the products. Though I did learn early on if you by cheap, cheap is what you get. A good about them is there customer service, you can simply call them and get a one on one with a rep to help you choose the right stuff for you. Heres their latest jersey that I like.. 1 – the whole outfit (jersey and shorts) would be pretty cool.

I think I may invest in a pair of shades as well. As of now im using some cheap pair that I got for $10 at the store. The downside to them is they fog up because there tight on my face. I kind of like the idea of these since when I do commute, im usualy heading home at night and when its cold out the wind makes the eyes water and in summer the bugs are all over. It would also come in handy when cycling down roads through the forest because half the time I have to take off my glasses just so I can see the road when im under the shade of all the tree’s. Twisty roads and lack of visibilty..not a good thing.

We’ll see next paycheck.. 🙂 My birthday is this saturday after all 😀



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