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Forgetfull hills

I was in a very fiesty mood yesterday and insisted on wanting to ride with the group yesterday. Unfortunately nobody showed so it was just Rob and I to go about our ride. In the end I dont know which would have been worse..the rode I chose or trying to keep up with the guys.

I had a route in mind that I had done with Sarah in the previous post. It was a pleasant ride aside from a few hills but theres no avoiding hills on any ride here. So I took us out to where this route started. After reaching the hilly portion I realized maybe I made a mistake in the route choice. The hills seemed steeper than I remembered. In the end I  walked up 3 hills. The last one I tried my hardest to finish without walking but going 3mph with legs aching I gave up and walked. Feeling overly defeated by hills I started crying and hyperventilating from being out of breath. Rob had gone ahead without (probably his way of boosting me to keep going by trying to keep up with him) but I was frustrated with my lack of energy to keep a pace going on the hills. Rob didnt know what to think with my minor brakedown. I just expressed my frustration of hills and on we went.

But to add the ride from hell I got us lost. At some point or other I took a wrong road and brought us way out of the way from where we were supposed to go. After trying to get our sense of direction and where we were Rob managed to get us back on track, taking a different route home. Overall we ended up only being 5 miles out of our way. Rob was hoping for an easy pleasant ride and in the end I murdered his legs with the hills I chose. He’s done parts of this route before with the super competitve guy in his group. The guy does these hills regularly apparently.

I have decided, on my good days, I will do just the hilly portion of this route to help me improve on my climbing. After my episode and frustration, I realized the only way I can beat these bastard of hills is to do them repeatedly until I dont have to walk them anymore. In the end I know my sense of hill climbing pride will sky rocket but for now I have to learn to not let them get the best of me to the point of tears anymore. 

The first photo is just to show how the roads work in Kyllburg. As you can see by the building the incline is very sudden, steep and curvy. We pass this building but dont actually climb this specific hill:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/roblisameehan/177181071/

Here I came across a site that explains the elevations in and around Kyllburg. This is for a Mt. Bike trail but hills are hills in this area. http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=44823 I believe Rob said we did over 2,000ft elevation on our route.

Anywho, Today I think im going to take it easy and just ride some laps on base. My legs are killing from yesterday still.

I think Rob has decided to build me a new road bike. We can get parts pretty cheap through a place on base so its makes sense to just do it this way. Now its just a matter of what kind of frame to get. In compact sizes I use a 43-44cm frame (with Giant xs). But according to my measurment this morning Rob says I’d ride a 46cm normal frame. Im tiny what can I say. 5’2″.


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