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He wins, I lose.

We had another quick discussion last night and this morning in regards to this commuter bike. He’s put his foot down. I need to bike more to get a commuter. This not really being my choice because he brings home 80% of the bacon. So what will I be doing? Commuting the rest of the summer. Starting today..rain or shine. I’ve rode in rain and snow before so its not the end of the world. I just hate putting Lulu in those conditions but as long as I dont keep her outside and clean her often there should be no problem with rusting.

So for now I will silently continue to be jealous as he has begun¬†looking for another bike..a¬†commuter. I give up in asking. For now I will be on the look for a commuter that would suite me. I still prefer the road bike frame. But I want solid so preferably no carbon fiber. I came across a simple one on ebay this morning and you can see it has the pannier holes…and go figure I have a Giant OCR Elite right now. Guess im a Giant addict lol. Hmm or its the only brand that makes xs frames for chicks.. http://cgi.ebay.com/2008-SZ-XS-GIANT-OCR3W-WOMENS-SPECIFIC-ROAD-BIKE-/250639071211?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Road_Bikes&hash=item3a5b40b7eb

Weather has slumped back to typical Germany. Rain came in over night..with thunder and lightening (a rariety) and now its all clouds, rain, and getting cooler again. Jeez. Does it ever just stay nice here? lol Im beginning to think not.


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