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I wanna ride with the boys!

I’ve begun feeling a little competative lately. I think because I was pumping myself up for the possible race this sunday. However, upon some more investigation we find that it is in fact being held in July. Only now I’m sitting on the edge of my seat because I may not get the day off work for it in July. Oh and the horror that I may not be able ride the local race in August because another co-workers taking vacation! Good bye race year 2010, I dont even get to see you from the sidelines. But we’ll see if things can be worked out and if i’ll be able to get the days. Its just 2 days of the year but these are 2 days that unfortunately other people put in for before me. What total crap! Maybe I should just not work at all…all the time in the world to ride bikes then! But one cant support the addiction without an income.

Anywho, I have off Saturday and Rob’s riding with the boys again. I showed interest in attending one of these boy┬árides but I was told I would be left in the dust. Apparently one guy is a very compatetive rider which then makes everyone else competative which then means ‘shortstuff’-me will be left behind. Sooo I guess its another solo ride again. Its kind of dissapointing, the lack of estrogen on the bikes here. I want a little competition to motivate me to push harder and get stronger. I’ve got one friend that rides but we dont always get the same days available and then theres Rob but we dont always get to ride together either.

Well anyways. Im having a taste for a new bike. Not just the commuter im still patiently awaiting but oh say perhaps another road bike :p. So heres some idea’s Rob’s throwing at me, though I may have to wait till christmas:

Basicaly i’ve never ridden anything other than my Giant OCR Elite. For all I know I could be even more comfortable on a different kind of bike. And after a few years on Lulu I want to experience something new.

Here’s another team I came across, http://www.pinkbikerchicks.blogspot.com/

Toodles, ShortStuff.


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