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City adventure

So I suck at remember to take pictures these days. Not as great at it as I used to be. The other day my friend watched my son so the Mr. and I could go on a bike ride together. We did a whopping 35 miles and he took me around the city. I learned what I need to improve on while riding in Traffic but also learned some routes for riding. There is still more to discover but he wants me to get the courage to ride alone out there. This weekend may be my solo ride in the city. I’m nervous but how else am I going to get comfortable getting around to the great riding area without driving to them? We rode to the base of lemon then he showed me a route to ride to the national park here which has a great route for getting used to hills.

In other news, i’ve decided to start growing some of my own veggies. Being in the desert this will be an interesting challenge. The local food bank offers free classes and I had attended on in the past but I always felt I was to busy to actually attempt to garden. But January starts the winter planting season for lettuces and root vegetables. So I will am aiming to learn container gardening  and will start with carrots and spinach. I just need to find where i’m going to keep my pots. I may try potatoes in potato bags as well. We have bad pests and rodents here so i’m hoping this won’t be a devastating first try. I’m used to gardening up north where the ground is lush and the plants often get watered via Rain.

I’m also going to aim to cut down on using my dryer. I have a nice line for hanging laundry so i’m going to aim to be more conscious of using that. Trying to go a little more eco-friendly here. I already use natural cleaning products since I had my son. I clean with water/vinegar mixture. Sometimes vinegar/baking soda, lemon, and occasionaly I throw in some essential oils but I have a cat and a lot of essential oils aren’t cat friendly.


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Where i’m at.

Life’s in the slow lane for cycling. As of now when I do ride it’s just on base. There are 2 roads that are great for road biking but they are beginning to get boring and while I still feel I need improvement on them they don’t offer to much of a challenge in the hill department. I am aiming to overcome my anxiety of city riding soon. This sunday the Mr. and I are aiming for a ride together. I got a baby sitter and told him to start showing me how to tackle city riding.

I suppose my biggest fear in riding off-base here vs Germany….There are some anti cycling people out there. There are many cyclists hit or even killed by cars here almost regularly. There have been 2 deaths in the last month and an assault. There isn’t much info on the deaths but most occur at night and Rob said are usually the fault of the cyclist. The assault started out by a cycling on Mt. Lemmon getting hit by a bottle thrown out of the car. The cyclist then tried tailing the car all the way down the mountain. Once on the bottom the guys in the car got out and started beating the crap out of the cyclist. There are also people that throw tacks on the sides of the road for cyclist to run over. I haven’t heard much from that recently but the police were trying to investigate. Overall though the traffic is simply much heavier here than where we lived in Germany. Even though there are paths on the road for bikes I often see people driving in them without realizing it.

I’m trying to find like minded ladies to ride with but base is pretty much nadda for other female cyclists. I was referred to RWB which is a group that helps support Veterans. But they seem to mostly do Runs and Crossfit stuff. And while I feel that group is great for what it does in supporting veterans i’m not sure it’s necessarily the right group for me. Of course, I should probably at least meet them in person before making that judgement but they are very overly enthusiastic about their group and i’m not always the enthusiast.

I suppose my goal for cycling right now is simply to get good enough to ride in group rides like Rob does.

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A rebirth of Maybe.

I am back. 3 years and 2 drastic life altering experiences later I have a little flicker of the cycling drive I had when living in Germany. (this may be long)

The beginning of 2012 I found out 2 things. 1 that I was pregnant after only 1 month of trying and 2 that my Dad’s cancer was not progressing well. A few months later I had a false miscarriage only weeks after finding out what we saw were twins was only one growing baby. My body didn’t like that extra sac sticking around and so it tried to expel it. I had a miscarriage without a lost child and without the pain. My little 13 weeker was found flailing his limbs in all the chaos leading up to the ultrasound. I was told I was to early along for medication to stop an early birth and that in all seriousness my body may still reject my little guy (his gender was still to early to be noticed). But life was on my side and we made it past that hurdle in the pregnancy. 4 days later I was homeward bound, back from 3 years living with the military in Germany. Our time was up and we had new orders to Tucson.

Once chaos calmed and life picked up in our new location my dad’s health continued to slip. It was slow and wouldn’t get worse till later. After months of calm and doting my awesome pregnancy my son decided he wanted an early exit. 9 weeks early I went to the doctor for something. At that appointment they discovered I was contracting. I was sent off to find out how serious it was. Well Little dude seriously wanted out because I was laboring at full force and dialating while my body said a big F U  to the drugs. I was rushed into emergency surgery and had my son not long after. He was breech and a normal birth would probably have ended badly.

7 weeks of living out of the NICU we finally got to bring my son home. Life continued on. My father phoned me a month or 2 later asking for me to come home because things were worse. He wanted to see me and Mannix. I did so and It was that trip that I realized how bad my dad was doing. It took a lot for him to get the energy and strength to lift up off the couch to even hold Mannix.


Little did I know or want to admit but this was the last time I saw my dad. I got a call a month later that things went way south and he was unresponsive and pretty much in a coma. He lived the rest of his days out at home with his wife who cared for him until he passed away. It was so so so beyond hard to know what was right or wrong in that time range as far as just staying at home in Tucson or if I should have stayed back home with my dad. I had a infant and that alone made life rough. I look back and often find myself regretting a lot of things in that trip and the weeks to follow but at the same time when your parent is dieing you simply don’t know how to think or act. Your in disbelief and I am the aversion type. I avoid heartache by shutting down. I focused on my son while my dad slowly died.

January 2015 will be 2 years since his passing. I am still raw with emotions some days because of the year of 2012. It has altered my life so so drastically and while most days I seem okay there are those days that make getting out of bed very hard.

Between the challenges of child rearing (my son is 2 yrs old now), being stay at home mom and thinking of my dad most days my emotional well being is not what it was when I first started this blog. But I am slowly coming to realize this and feel a change of pace is in order. Though I have gotten on the bike and made some small achievements here I have not been consistent. I haven’t had the drive I used to. But wallowing in all the pity pools i’ve created for myself the last 2 years has gotten me nowhere in life. It’s time to start making some seriously changes.

For one, overcoming my increased insecurities and self hatred would be a start. And so it’s time to get back on the bike and work my way to becoming someone in the Tucson cycling world.

Gotta say though, I got a freakin’ fabulous birthday/anniversary/christmas gift this year. The Fuji Supreme (2.1 i believe). I was going to get the 2.3 but Fuji didn’t have any in my size available and agree’d to swap it out for the 2.1 at the same price but we had to put it together ourselves. Game on! My Giant just wasn’t suiting me anymore as it was just a tad to big for me. I had many good years with it though.

Here’s to a new chapter in life and a reawakening to cycling.

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Changed sites

Folks,  I gave wordpress a shot. The site is not that hard to maneuver but after years of using blogspot I have a slight bias for which site I prefer. After this site did a few updates I got lost in how to fix certain things about my page and just  would rather stick to the site that i’ve been able to figure out from day one.

I have been cyling! I have just been to lazy to get on here and blog about it.

I will post pictures on the new blog when I get the chance.

I’m not sure what my total mileage is just yet but i’m at about 80 or smiles just from this past weekend. Saturday I did some laps on base to help get my base going. Then the hubby and I did a 32 mile leisure ride on a decently flat trail and then today I did more laps on base.

Needless to say my legs are begging for a break (keep in mind i’ve been commuting to work as well though I don’t log those miles).

Since classes ended i’ve had so much more time for cycling and I love it. Especialy since the weather has begun to stay fairly decent consistantly. Flowers are sprouting and tree’s are beginning to flower. Oh so nice 😀 Though at times it does still get into the freezing temps at night which i learned all to quickly as i jumped to the gun in returning a plant i’ve kept in all winter back to it’s spot outside. Yes I think I killed the poor ficus 😦

Well for now thats my update. Please to stop by the new site 😀 Site still in works but do check back in the next week.

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In the last week I turned 27 and the sun has shown everyday!

Yes, March is a much sunnier month here and i’m loving everyday of it. Still no riding but tomorow are my finals. After that I’m out of my slump. I will be signing up for a ‘bootcamp’ class that the personal trainers at our base gym have put together. Its one hour 3 days a week for either 4 or 6 weeks. They monitor your food intake, take your measurements and get you in shape. Though one month won’t get you fully inshape i’m hoping that it is enough to give me a better idea of what i can do at home on my own. I’m hoping it will get my motivation back to work out. This winter has really knocked the fitness urge out of me.

Rob has injured his knee a little and so i’m commuting to work again today. Starting next week I plan to commute as much as I can the rest of the year. We’re still waiting on the part to complete my commuter bike. I’m really anxcious to get it together so I can ride it!! Throw my pannier on there i’m set!

I don’t like wearing my everyday clothing for jeans rub the seat to the point of putting a hole in them (overtime), I don’t like the sweat that gets on the clothes, I wear workout clothes instead but they don’t exactly feel the most comfortable on a bike. I would like a seperate select pieces just for my commuting days. What do you wear for your bike commutes?

I know that i would like a nice pair of knickers..something like this 
I haven’t looked for much commuter friendly clothing yet but plan to this weekend. I know any clothing would work for a simple commute to work but I would also like to see whats out there to make for comfortable commutes.

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Final round

This is our final year in Germany. This month marks our 2 yrs here and next march is our month out. We tried for an extension but due to limitations within the job field we didn’t get it. We won’t find out until sometime around Thanksgiving/Christmas as to where we’re headed after here but we’ve decided to go back to the States.

I’ve gotten a bit homesick so the return home will be nice.

I finaly got the parts for my Surly frame. We’re still waiting on one more piece that Rob forgot to buy. He bought me SRAM parts. We’ll see how that goes for me. He thinks because of my small hands that SRAM shifting will be easier for me. If I like it enough i’ll probably change my Giant to SRAM shifting.

I havent’ been a riding. What a surprise, huh? Next week are my finals and then i’m taking 2 terms (about 4 months) off. I bought a plan on for a Century. I’m hoping to be able to ride a century by the end of summer. I set the plan to start on the 15th. It has me starting out on the trainer with very little time actually put into riding. It’s a slow starting plan but I suppose that will work since I haven’t been riding much lately.

My leg warmers and bib shorts should be arriving soon.

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New Gear

We are registered with through out Spangdahlem Sabers team, which is slowly diminishing as people move away or are always deployed. The head honcho of the team seems to want to hand it over to someone soon, mostly because he’s always gone now. I’m not sure the future of the Sabers team but it certianly isn’t what it used to be and I wasn’t even here for when it was at it’s peak in racing USAFE races.

Anywho, I get gear for cheaper prices than the average joe shopping their sponsored sites. Yay for me. So now that tax returns have arrived what have I ordered?

2010 Women’s Drop Tail bib shorts

a pair of leg warmers (finaly)

I also got a t-shirt but it wasn’t listed on the regular website.

Weather has gotten cold again. No riding for me until I get those leg warmers. Just a reminder that it’s February and still winter. The weather had me fooled, it was feeling like spring. As long as there is no snow in the forcast I can deal with cold.

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