About Me

Birthyear: 1984
Hometown: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Current location: Spangdahlem, Germany

Im a Wisconsin native who got into cycling after I married my husband in 2004. An avid cyclist, he slowly got me into his addiction of cycling. My previous physical activities consisted around running and swimming but cycling quickly took over both. In 2008 living in Florida, I spent a year alone  (Im a military spouse) with majority of the year consumed in all three sports. That year kicked off my first real effort in road biking. Getting nearly a 1,000miles in (on the same road), it was a big accomplisment for never having rode before. The following year we made a big move to Europe, residing in Germany. The first year here I had lost all that I gained in that year due to a back injury on the flight over. Despite this imparement I participated in the Tour de Spangdahlem USAFE Race in which I recieved 1st place in my category.  Starting out 2010 with an improved back I picked the bike back up and started riding again. My biggest struggle here is getting used to all the hills, that sometimes challenge my mental abilities more than the physical.

My long-term goal is to eventually join a US women’s team wether local or professional, at this time either would be awesome. But only time will tell if our next location and my training efforts make this possible.


10 facts about me

1. Im addicting to reading quotes and relating them to my life situations.
2. Im a Clean Eater but I eats lots of candy and drinks lots of coffee.
3. I perfect the art of procrastination
4. I have 3 pets and treat them like children
5. Easter is my favorite holiday.
6. I hate math
7. Im excellent at cooking.
8. I knit
9. My favorite color is Aqua 
10. Im a closet nature photographer. Pure leisure.


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