Where i’m at.

Life’s in the slow lane for cycling. As of now when I do ride it’s just on base. There are 2 roads that are great for road biking but they are beginning to get boring and while I still feel I need improvement on them they don’t offer to much of a challenge in the hill department. I am aiming to overcome my anxiety of city riding soon. This sunday the Mr. and I are aiming for a ride together. I got a baby sitter and told him to start showing me how to tackle city riding.

I suppose my biggest fear in riding off-base here vs Germany….There are some anti cycling people out there. There are many cyclists hit or even killed by cars here almost regularly. There have been 2 deaths in the last month and an assault. There isn’t much info on the deaths but most occur at night and Rob said are usually the fault of the cyclist. The assault started out by a cycling on Mt. Lemmon getting hit by a bottle thrown out of the car. The cyclist then tried tailing the car all the way down the mountain. Once on the bottom the guys in the car got out and started beating the crap out of the cyclist. There are also people that throw tacks on the sides of the road for cyclist to run over. I haven’t heard much from that recently but the police were trying to investigate. Overall though the traffic is simply much heavier here than where we lived in Germany. Even though there are paths on the road for bikes I often see people driving in them without realizing it.

I’m trying to find like minded ladies to ride with but base is pretty much nadda for other female cyclists. I was referred to RWB which is a group that helps support Veterans. But they seem to mostly do Runs and Crossfit stuff. And while I feel that group is great for what it does in supporting veterans i’m not sure it’s necessarily the right group for me. Of course, I should probably at least meet them in person before making that judgement but they are very overly enthusiastic about their group and i’m not always the enthusiast.

I suppose my goal for cycling right now is simply to get good enough to ride in group rides like Rob does.


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