Changed sites

Folks,  I gave wordpress a shot. The site is not that hard to maneuver but after years of using blogspot I have a slight bias for which site I prefer. After this site did a few updates I got lost in how to fix certain things about my page and just  would rather stick to the site that i’ve been able to figure out from day one.

I have been cyling! I have just been to lazy to get on here and blog about it.

I will post pictures on the new blog when I get the chance.

I’m not sure what my total mileage is just yet but i’m at about 80 or smiles just from this past weekend. Saturday I did some laps on base to help get my base going. Then the hubby and I did a 32 mile leisure ride on a decently flat trail and then today I did more laps on base.

Needless to say my legs are begging for a break (keep in mind i’ve been commuting to work as well though I don’t log those miles).

Since classes ended i’ve had so much more time for cycling and I love it. Especialy since the weather has begun to stay fairly decent consistantly. Flowers are sprouting and tree’s are beginning to flower. Oh so nice 😀 Though at times it does still get into the freezing temps at night which i learned all to quickly as i jumped to the gun in returning a plant i’ve kept in all winter back to it’s spot outside. Yes I think I killed the poor ficus 😦

Well for now thats my update. Please to stop by the new site 😀 Site still in works but do check back in the next week.


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