In the last week I turned 27 and the sun has shown everyday!

Yes, March is a much sunnier month here and i’m loving everyday of it. Still no riding but tomorow are my finals. After that I’m out of my slump. I will be signing up for a ‘bootcamp’ class that the personal trainers at our base gym have put together. Its one hour 3 days a week for either 4 or 6 weeks. They monitor your food intake, take your measurements and get you in shape. Though one month won’t get you fully inshape i’m hoping that it is enough to give me a better idea of what i can do at home on my own. I’m hoping it will get my motivation back to work out. This winter has really knocked the fitness urge out of me.

Rob has injured his knee a little and so i’m commuting to work again today. Starting next week I plan to commute as much as I can the rest of the year. We’re still waiting on the part to complete my commuter bike. I’m really anxcious to get it together so I can ride it!! Throw my pannier on there i’m set!

I don’t like wearing my everyday clothing for jeans rub the seat to the point of putting a hole in them (overtime), I don’t like the sweat that gets on the clothes, I wear workout clothes instead but they don’t exactly feel the most comfortable on a bike. I would like a seperate select pieces just for my commuting days. What do you wear for your bike commutes?

I know that i would like a nice pair of knickers..something like this 
I haven’t looked for much commuter friendly clothing yet but plan to this weekend. I know any clothing would work for a simple commute to work but I would also like to see whats out there to make for comfortable commutes.


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