Final round

This is our final year in Germany. This month marks our 2 yrs here and next march is our month out. We tried for an extension but due to limitations within the job field we didn’t get it. We won’t find out until sometime around Thanksgiving/Christmas as to where we’re headed after here but we’ve decided to go back to the States.

I’ve gotten a bit homesick so the return home will be nice.

I finaly got the parts for my Surly frame. We’re still waiting on one more piece that Rob forgot to buy. He bought me SRAM parts. We’ll see how that goes for me. He thinks because of my small hands that SRAM shifting will be easier for me. If I like it enough i’ll probably change my Giant to SRAM shifting.

I havent’ been a riding. What a surprise, huh? Next week are my finals and then i’m taking 2 terms (about 4 months) off. I bought a plan on for a Century. I’m hoping to be able to ride a century by the end of summer. I set the plan to start on the 15th. It has me starting out on the trainer with very little time actually put into riding. It’s a slow starting plan but I suppose that will work since I haven’t been riding much lately.

My leg warmers and bib shorts should be arriving soon.


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