New Gear

We are registered with through out Spangdahlem Sabers team, which is slowly diminishing as people move away or are always deployed. The head honcho of the team seems to want to hand it over to someone soon, mostly because he’s always gone now. I’m not sure the future of the Sabers team but it certianly isn’t what it used to be and I wasn’t even here for when it was at it’s peak in racing USAFE races.

Anywho, I get gear for cheaper prices than the average joe shopping their sponsored sites. Yay for me. So now that tax returns have arrived what have I ordered?

2010 Women’s Drop Tail bib shorts

a pair of leg warmers (finaly)

I also got a t-shirt but it wasn’t listed on the regular website.

Weather has gotten cold again. No riding for me until I get those leg warmers. Just a reminder that it’s February and still winter. The weather had me fooled, it was feeling like spring. As long as there is no snow in the forcast I can deal with cold.


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