Oregon banning children in bike trailors/seats?

I follow a few cycling blogs but usualy forget to check up on them regularly. One inparticular I am fond of as the author and her family choose to rely solely on their bikes for transportaion. They live in Oregon and though i’m a month behind in reading her posts (which sad to me are beginning to become few and far between). She biked through her pregnancy and transports her son by a cargo bike. Her latest post from January talks about a bill that Representative Greenlick is trying to pass that keeps children under 6yrs old away from bicycle trailors and seats!! You can find links in regards to this on her blog… http://civilizedconveyance.blogspot.com/2011/01/hb-2228.html A short followup to the interview with Greenlick linked on her site is here http://bikeportland.org/2011/01/13/greenlick-child-biking-bill-reaction-roundup-45910 My internet is running to slow to do much research on this topic but when I find out more info I will update here. I have never lived in or been to Oregon but it certainly draws my interest.

I find it sad that this is what our society is coming down to. This bill is in its infancy and may never amount to much but the fact that someone would consider this only means that other’s are thinking the same thing. Apparently Rep. Greenlick never rode a bike as a child. If he had then he would realize how foolish his request is.



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