Did I forget to mention that we’ve gone vegetarian? Don’t think I did. Yes  yes. We don’t eat meat anymore. It’s only been 3 weeks but it has not been hard. I still give myself another month or 2 before I start having my burger cravings again. But for when that does happen they make wonderful ‘veggie protien’ burgers to fill that gap. As for the hubs he only ate meat when I had put it infront of him…which was nearly every dinner that I made.

It’s sad how much Americans (and some other countries) use meat as their food staple. Meat should be a nice treat but instead we eat it as our main courses..often for each meal of the day. Breakfast..bacon or sausages. Lunch…perhaps left overs from the night before (steak, chicken, fish) or just a burger from the burger joint or a meat sandwich. Dinner…meat and potatoes. This is to much cholestoral and protien that over does our system and depleats our bones of calcium.

Plants offer just as much calcium as meats do so don’t go assuming that vegetarians are imbalanced without meat. Nature offers many alternatives..we just fail to realize it. but to keep from ranting which is easy for me to do you can read more of it from me on my other blog Http://summers-angel-veg.blogspot.com I post recipes that we’ve tried.

There is a new women’s team for this year! I’ve been occasionaly hunting for women’s teams to follow and now i’ve got a new one to keep an eye on along with team Webcor and Tibco.


One more girl came forward about the girl cycling group i’m trying to form. This won’t be a team or anything but rather what i’m aiming for is just a group of girls to share cycling with. To do rides with. Someone to have something in common with. This other girl’s husband is actually friends with mine so thats cool. We’ve never met though. Last I met her husband was a year ago at a Duathlon.

It really looks like the weather is reaching spring. I did 24 miles yesterday. My lungs need some working on lol. My speed yesterday was promising..more like what it was when I quit for the winter. But that may have just been one good day. My next day off isn’t until friday but it’s suppose to be rainy. However temps seem to be hovering in the mid 40’s with the occasional dip intot he 30’s. But this is certainly promising that spring is arriving!


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  1. We corralled a panel of professional carnivores and asked them to name their favorite meat substitutes. They didn’t mince words.

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