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New Gear

We are registered with through out Spangdahlem Sabers team, which is slowly diminishing as people move away or are always deployed. The head honcho of the team seems to want to hand it over to someone soon, mostly because he’s always gone now. I’m not sure the future of the Sabers team but it certianly isn’t what it used to be and I wasn’t even here for when it was at it’s peak in racing USAFE races.

Anywho, I get gear for cheaper prices than the average joe shopping their sponsored sites. Yay for me. So now that tax returns have arrived what have I ordered?

2010 Women’s Drop Tail bib shorts

a pair of leg warmers (finaly)

I also got a t-shirt but it wasn’t listed on the regular website.

Weather has gotten cold again. No riding for me until I get those leg warmers. Just a reminder that it’s February and still winter. The weather had me fooled, it was feeling like spring. As long as there is no snow in the forcast I can deal with cold.


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Totaly Surly!

Got some new things. I got a new necklace from ( Love it. Rob got his energy stuff. And…..

I got my surly frameset!! But it’s sad because my parts aren’t here yet so she’s not rideable. Couple more weeks…just a couple more weeks1

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Oregon banning children in bike trailors/seats?

I follow a few cycling blogs but usualy forget to check up on them regularly. One inparticular I am fond of as the author and her family choose to rely solely on their bikes for transportaion. They live in Oregon and though i’m a month behind in reading her posts (which sad to me are beginning to become few and far between). She biked through her pregnancy and transports her son by a cargo bike. Her latest post from January talks about a bill that Representative Greenlick is trying to pass that keeps children under 6yrs old away from bicycle trailors and seats!! You can find links in regards to this on her blog… A short followup to the interview with Greenlick linked on her site is here My internet is running to slow to do much research on this topic but when I find out more info I will update here. I have never lived in or been to Oregon but it certainly draws my interest.

I find it sad that this is what our society is coming down to. This bill is in its infancy and may never amount to much but the fact that someone would consider this only means that other’s are thinking the same thing. Apparently Rep. Greenlick never rode a bike as a child. If he had then he would realize how foolish his request is.


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Did I forget to mention that we’ve gone vegetarian? Don’t think I did. Yes  yes. We don’t eat meat anymore. It’s only been 3 weeks but it has not been hard. I still give myself another month or 2 before I start having my burger cravings again. But for when that does happen they make wonderful ‘veggie protien’ burgers to fill that gap. As for the hubs he only ate meat when I had put it infront of him…which was nearly every dinner that I made.

It’s sad how much Americans (and some other countries) use meat as their food staple. Meat should be a nice treat but instead we eat it as our main courses..often for each meal of the day. Breakfast..bacon or sausages. Lunch…perhaps left overs from the night before (steak, chicken, fish) or just a burger from the burger joint or a meat sandwich. Dinner…meat and potatoes. This is to much cholestoral and protien that over does our system and depleats our bones of calcium.

Plants offer just as much calcium as meats do so don’t go assuming that vegetarians are imbalanced without meat. Nature offers many alternatives..we just fail to realize it. but to keep from ranting which is easy for me to do you can read more of it from me on my other blog Http:// I post recipes that we’ve tried.

There is a new women’s team for this year! I’ve been occasionaly hunting for women’s teams to follow and now i’ve got a new one to keep an eye on along with team Webcor and Tibco.

One more girl came forward about the girl cycling group i’m trying to form. This won’t be a team or anything but rather what i’m aiming for is just a group of girls to share cycling with. To do rides with. Someone to have something in common with. This other girl’s husband is actually friends with mine so thats cool. We’ve never met though. Last I met her husband was a year ago at a Duathlon.

It really looks like the weather is reaching spring. I did 24 miles yesterday. My lungs need some working on lol. My speed yesterday was promising..more like what it was when I quit for the winter. But that may have just been one good day. My next day off isn’t until friday but it’s suppose to be rainy. However temps seem to be hovering in the mid 40’s with the occasional dip intot he 30’s. But this is certainly promising that spring is arriving!

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Don’t despair

It seems most of my blogs these days are just me saying i’m going to do something and then I don’t do it. Winter does this to me. I make goals but let the weather and my winter moods get the best of me. I fear I suffer slightly from SAD (season affective disorder). No sun (or warmth) = unmotivated.

I’m trying my hardest to get past it. Temps dropped agian since my last ride. But have begun to rise up again. Tomorow it will peak in the mid 40’s (cross fingers) so I am aiming to do the Oberkail loop. I don’ know what to expect in my performance since it seems that took a nose dive with my off-season. I will just take my time and try not to push myself to hard up the hills.

There are 2 races coming up in April already. The tour de flanders (belgium) and the USAFE race at Aviano base in Italy. Not sure if we’ll make it to either but the hubs is debating doing Flanders while we’re both debating doing Aviano. I am still unsure about the race myself since I’ll have march to warm up the legs and thats about it then bam..race. The ladies in Italy have it warmer than here right now I them the advantage of early spring riding.

Eitherway it appears that spring is just around the corner. I am taking the summer off from school to focus on my riding a bit (and to get some sanity away from education).

I’ve posted an ad in a local outlet in hopes to round up some hidden lady cyclists out here. So far i’ve got one responder! Lets hope there are more. If not..well then at least i’ve discovered one.

In buying news….the Surly frame and the bike parts have been purchased. Now it’s just the waiting game to get everything. I’ve also indulged in a team jersey. Team Webcor purchased off I really really really wanted team Tibco’s jersey but my sizes were sold out. I was the last to get the ’10 Webcor jersey however. I feel special there.

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