January push

I kind of bailed out after Wensdays ride. No gym time and no riding until today. I think my body need the recoup time since its been a while since i’ve been pushing it to the max. Needless to say I sleep very well on the evenings of my riding days.

As I was getting dressed for my ride today I was pumped by the bits of sun that was showing through. Of course that never lasts long enough for me to enjoy the second I walk out the door.

I did 24 miles today. Still 2mph slower than fall but i’m going to accept this as my punishment for not really touching the trainer the months inbetween. I still like to blame the cold air on that as well as it makes my muscles a little stiff and it burns my lungs a little in the beginning. Overall, the ride was pleasant after about mile 11. It took that long for my body to feel warmed up (not as in I was freezing but as in that my muscles woke up). I almost ditched out after that but decided to push a little and see if I could get another lap of base in and second time around it wasn’t to shabby.

Totaly miles so far this month are only 59 1/2.

In rewarding myself for starting early this year I’ve decided to get another jersey kit ūüėÄ Sshh Rob doesn’t know that yet.
Here are the runners up for my selections:

http://www.teamestrogen.com/prodPW_SPA1J60W.html  Them gloves are catching my eye as well. Primal wear seems to be my favorite so far in jerseys.

http://www.teamestrogen.com/prodPW_TIK1J60W.html¬†This one matches my handlebar tape LOL not sure if it’s going into my wishlist though. It’s definately a ‘be seen’ kit.

Hmmm guess at the moment the Sparrow kit is all i’m finding. I was going to look into a Team Tibco kit but they are all sold out. Perhaps making way for the 2010 kit seeing as last year they were selling the ’09 kit. If i’d have known they were going on sale I would have gobbled me one up. Oh well.


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