Just do it!

Not to quote the Nike logo but sometimes thats what needs to be done. You just need to suck it up and do it. And do it I did. I’m back in cycling action as long as the weather permits. Temps have been above freezine (high 30’s low 40’s F) So i’ve been sucking it up and riding.

I’ve only been at it twice but I certainly feel amazing again. Good to have the endorphins back!

This past sunday I did 18 miles. Today I did 17.5 miles. This seems to be my max threshold with the temps being in the upper 30’s. By the last half of my ride my toes are numb, my leg muscles are stiffening up, and my body says ‘Heat!’. Todays ride was windy and rainy as well. Even with double socks and double underlayer. I got many stares from cars passing by. Must thinking me crazy for riding my bike.

I have also been pretty consistant with going to the gym. I was going to go this morning but when I pulled up the place was packed. I turned around and went home. Good thing cuase then I got my bike ride in 🙂

Sad thing however is that my average speed is down 2mph. Rob tells me thats not good but honestly considering I haven’t rode in over 3 months I suppose thats not to horrible. I’ll give myself the beginning of February to begin improving that. For now my focus is just to get out and ride again.

How do you end an nice bike ride? You chow down on ‘The loaded bowl’! I may have metioned this recipe before but if I have not then here it is again…

The Loaded Bowl Recipe here

Its Quinoa, black beans, avocado, and tomatos in super deliciousness. Mmmmm. I’m a fanatic for Clean Eating recipes because they’re healthy, simple and there are very few of their recipes I don’t like. This particular one was a reader’s recipe feature in one of the issues.

thats all for today. Chow!


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