The winter blues

I’m having a little bit of the winter blues. I’ve slowly begun working out again. Not so much on the bike trainer just yet but I did manage to workout 3x this week  (slow re-emergence). There really is a lack of motivation when the weathers always crappy and its cold out. Rob got a video from a friend regarding the bike trainer. It’s supposidly a program that helps you get through the indoor riding insanity that many people go through. It is a guided bike ride (meaning real rodes in the video to make you feel like your riding outside) and a guy instructing you when to push and when to ride easy. Perhaps I will try it out this week sometime.

I’ve managed 2 days at the gym on the treadmill. I have since realized that I no longer get motivated at night for working out. I used to. I used to get super pumped in the evenings to work out but at some point during the move to Germany, evenings just aren’t appealing to me anymore. I now fancy morning workouts. I don’t really know when my workout motivation took a nose dive but it really did. 15lbs later and I can honestly say it took that nose dive. For someone that was always into physical activity it makes me wonder how the motivation can just dissappear like that.  I just hope the regular me decides to show its face again because I want workingout to be something I enjoy again..not something I’m doing just to keep myself healthy.

Perhaps I just don’t feel comfortable here in Germany. I am enjoying my stay here and we’ve put in for an extension of 3 more years which we will find out in a few weeks if we got or not. If we didn’t then we are moving again by this time next year. Maybe it’s a lack of friends. I haven’t made close friends here so I often spend most of my time at home knitting or biking. On rare occasion i’ll meet up with some friends i’ve made over the last 2 yrs. However, none of them I feel really connected to especialy since they are all really close with each other prior to me appearing in the group. I wish more chicks were into cycling.

Something will happen at some point in time. Perhaps Germany just isn’t for me. Nothing I can do about that other than to enjoy the time I have here since this is a rare oppurtunity that I will probably never get again.

School starts up again next week for me. I’ll be taking 2 classes this term. I should be able to manage working, work, and school but this will mean long days ahead of me. I also do not know where our trip home stands. It went from a 3 week visit to a 4 week visit and now I fear we won’t find a sitter for our dog or that my job will give me that much time off. I just hope something happens theres soon as well. Oh winter blues…your making me slightly miserable.


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