Sometimes my brain runs 100mph

This is gonna be short and sweet.

I did not ride the trainer this morning as I told myself I would. Apparently setting up my bike on the trainer and setting out my clothes the night before was not as motivating as I thought it would be once I woke up. I had my itouch alarm clock set to 6:30 giving me ample time to eat breakfast and fully wake up yet fit in 50 minutes of riding if I could stand that long on the bike. But apparently at some point in the night I woke up and decided 6:30 was to early and changed the alarm to 8:30. Not much time there when I had a frozen car to jimmy open before work.  Sooo small fail on that one. I give myself the week to get back into a riding routine again. I’m trying to get out of hybernation mode…slow and steady apparently is the key.

As for that damn sugar and soda habit I’m having a hard time breaking free from…i’ve come up with a funny little challenge. Every day I avoid drinking soda and eating candy I will award myself with a fun sticker (think those star ones from grade school) to post on the calender. What i’m hoping is that I will get so giddy at seeing that ‘great job’ sticker up there that I will begin to see my accomplishment in more of a fun way.  Lets see how many stickers I can get by New Years next year!


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