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Things have been slow here. I’ve quit riding outdoors as I don’t have the full on gear to ride in the cold. I’ve stuck to the trainer..though I find it hard to gert past 50 minutes. Per suggetion from Rob’s dad i’ve decided to just focus on spinning for now. So far so good. Only been at it a week and a half. I’ve seriously took a nose dive in the biking world after the Spang race. Don’t know why. But i’ve been wanting to get back into shape again so i’ve also started working out at the gym again. Haven’t touched the weight equipment yet just because it intimidates me.

My goal over the winter is to go from this:

Back to this:

In other news, I know what my christmas present is already. A commuter bike! Finaly! Sorry to ‘B’ but she just wasn’t cutting it for me. She got me by but there wasn’t much pleasure there.

We will probably be choosing a bike through our bike guy Gruss. I have a style in mind and hopefully he has one or can order one in what i’m looking for. As i’ve said before I want a cyclocross style bike as my commuter.

Heres a good site with some cross bikes easily made into commuters


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