Chilled to the bone.

My lovely memory has failed me again and I forgot my camera for today’s ride. However, sights weren’t that amazing as most of the colorfulness of fall has..well fallen! lol. All that’s left are the dieing green leaves and the leaves that have browned. The weather is gloomy as Germany usualy is this time of year.

When I had checked the weather before bed last night it showed a high in the 50’s and sunny. It was actually a high of 40 with a feel of mid 30’s and cloudy. I still rode anyways because its been a while. On the bright side it was a very refreshing ride and the downside I’m still freezing to the bones an hour after finishing. I still don’t have knickers or leggings for cold weather so my legs are the most chilled. I do have knee warmers I wear but they aren’t the same as cold weather gear.

I think i’ll stick to the trainer until I get a pair while the weather is like this.


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