Hello again world!

Oh folks, life has gotten ahold of me and side tracked me from the world of cycling. Aside from the one or two days of random casual riding with the husband and the forced commuted rides (due to car breakage) I haven’t focused much on my cycling. School didn’t help either. But Now that i’m nearing my finals for this term and only plan on taking one class over the holidays, that all my husbands vacations are done for the year and our friend has visited for the Oktoberfest season we are turning our focuses back on cycling. Probably him more than me but i’ll try my personal best. I don’t know if its seasonal procrastination or what.

Our Robs eating plan has took the temporary nose dive as well. In about 2 weeks we will begin again with a slightly modified version for the season. During the diet nose dive we indulged in loads of German brews (thanks to Oktoberfest ..the real one), as well as a few good wines and lots of pasta and german foods. Rob and I are both spent on all that indulging. Time for Clean Eating again.

A few pictures thanks to our friend Craig because sometimes I lack the memory to take pictures at these once in a life time kind of events! Next year we will be dressing up (me in a drindl and Rob in a leiderhosen (sp)) and i’ll take pictures!

1) our brews, Spaten. I had 2 of those followed by one from the Haufbrau tent as we were leaving. 2) we picked the best time to arrive at the tent..Monday morning at 11am. 3) what the tent looked like as we left 7hrs later!

Oh fun times! We also spent some time visiting castles and cathedrials during the 2 weeks of our friends visit. The horrid part was that our car died so we were limited on what we could.

In the world of cycling. I’m trying to get my motivation back to what it was. My back has begun to get a little tightened on me again but this could be due to lack of cycling and long hours on the couch knitting. Yes i’ve become the knitting nut! Psst..visit my new shop http://nistasknits.etsy.com

I’ve also decided to start working again. However, it may be a while before I get the job I want. Once I do its back to the savings world and planning for a future commuter bike! And perhaps some winter leggings (pretty much all i’m lacking for riding in the freezing cold).

Tata till later! I plan to pick up riding again next week as i’ve got a 2 week break from school. I’ll take some pretty Germany-in-fall pictures.


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