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Alive and kicking

Just not so much biking…  As mentioned before my classes have taken over my freetime. As well as laziness and my past time of knitting. I’ve been getting out about once a week. Which is pretty aweful. I had a 2 week break after the Spang race and I can tell on the hills. I had begun to master the hills but taking a break like that begins to take away from any progress made thus far. So it seems I need to make some kind of adjustment’s in my time management if I hope to get riding in before the snow falls. Fall has already begun here as the leaves are slowly changing color and falling, the temperatures are staying cooler, and my mood has turned to hybernating.

One way to change this up is to begin commuting again. I want to start commuting to my classes. However the idea of showing up to class all sweaty isn’t so appealing and I am not bringing a change of clothes just for an hour long class. Suppose i’ll just need to stash a thing of perfume and call it good. This will at least make me not feel so lazy even though I will probably be like that until next spring.

But school is priority and if I failed to schedual my commute into my day then car it is. If their weren’t so many hills the idea of commuting would be much more appealing.

As for the race pictures I mentioned in last post, I will get those up tonight once I get ahold of the husbands computer.

For now my apologies that the blogging has slowed but so has my biking for the year.


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