I’m still here

I’m still riding but like other posts..just not as much. I think the Spang race ended my season. Weather is starting to cool off. Its been on/off rain …in the 50’s at times and often really windy. In addition to my classes(face to face this term) I’m limited on my time.  Not excuse to not get out there but its certainly time consuming. Especialy if I plan to pass the math class I need to do the reviews plus some lol.

Anywho, I have been managing some 20 milers. A bit short and I may not actualy get my goal of a 60 miler this fall after all ..due to the above. But I do expect myself to use the trainer all the time this winter so I am in decent shape when I start out next spring! 

Yesterday I did a hilly ride because it was so darn windy. Robs always telling me hills is where you should be in windy days. Well getting to the hills wasnt the easiest. I dont know what the gusts were but I know I was being whipped around on the road like never before. If I didnt have good grip on the handle bars I certainly would have gone down with a gust. It was refreshing afterwards though and the hills are still getting easier!!

Rob and I went to see a German criterium (sp) on sunday. He participated but him and the guy he did it with ducked out at some point. Those germans are insane riders and they just werent fully prepared for the strenght of these guys. Most certainly because the germans had been racing all season and were in tip top shape where as this was Robs first ever german criterium. He gained some knowledge as to what he needs to improve on for next year’s attempts. Didnt help that he realized once we got back to the car that his rear break pads had been rubbing! A few other people (germans) ducked out as well during the race because once you get so far behind the pack its pointless to keep going. At one point while I was spectating…the lead guy on I believe the 3rd or 4th lap (out of 50) took a corner wrong and went down. He was ok but out of the game as well. I have pictures that i’ll be posting. Not many but a few.


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