Update 18-Aug

So I was hoping for more pictures like our race last year but all we got were the 4 in total..the starting line and the sabers that won afterwards. Actual race shot would have been awesome. But heres the Saber group whom placed most of the categories. Unless there are more photo’s that just arent put up.

I came in first for overall women’s and for my category but again there werent many people to race against and the 2 that I did hadnt rode in over a year and were doing it casualy. So really there was no competition again.  Hubs came in 2nd place for his category and 4th overall.

It was a fun race and as always they did a great job in setting it up. Especialy since it was free this year!

The weather has been way less than par lately. Its been ugly rainy. So much to the point that I cant tell if my sleepiness is from a lack of Iron or just flat out the weather. Eitherway I’m gonna take me some supliments just in case. Not to mention that and the lack of exercise has been affecting my mood making me slightly grouchy.  I am also risking the cold (high 50’s low 60’s) windy air today and gonna do a 2o mile ride. I havent rode since the bike race and before that well as i’ve said..my ridings been a bit slow. Im starting to gain back the weight that i’ve lost and its frustrating, time to cut back on the portions and sweets again adding in more salads and tea. The meals for Hubs plan have been alittle tricky to keep up with because the store just doesnt always have what we need. Last nights dinner had to be substituted with frozen spinach (yuck). I think I will be cutting back a bit on eating his foods seeing as its all carbs and I havent been exercising much. It was intending for a highly active person anyways.  I will also be doing some treadmill time (since biking my knee’s hurt when I run on pavement) at the gym and possibly even trying out the weight equipment. With weather the way it is now i’ll be holding off on the pool (only went once so far, what a joke) until the indoor is reopened. Probably next month sometime.

Thats the latest in my cycling world.


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