Things have been a little slow for me the last 2 weeks as far as biking goes. Between homework and crappy weather I havent seen much of the road. I’ve been managed to cram in some 20 milers here and there. This weekedn is our Eifel Classic road race. I need to focus on not consuming boxes of gas station doughnuts (like i’ve done this weekend) and to focus more on substantial foods and lots of water. I have not been hydrating like I should be. I find it easier to watch my drinking habits when I have a large bottles water vs carrying around a glass of water. I dont know why that would affect my water intake but it does. So starting tonight I will be forcing myself to take in lots of water the rest of the week. As well as sticking to Robs diet which i’ve been failing horribly this weekend. I missed out on making a few of the dinner..mainly out of lazyness but also because of his schedual and the fact that his good friend is living in the area..we tend to do quick meals in that case when he’s staying over.

Basicaly its been a crappy week or 2 of cycling or lack their of. It happens to all of us at some time or other.

Today I was going to cram in some bike time until the hubby called and decided he wanted to go with  me after he got off now here I sit waiting past the time he told me and still he’s not home. This may be another flop of a cycling day. Boo!


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