Take the high road….

…but of course you have to climb to it.

The hills are getting easier. Though I suppose a true way to find this out would be to dare myself on that hill that drew tears out of me a while back. However, im not ready to have a blow to my current ego just yet so I think I may wait till the end of fall to do it again lol. The hilly ride of the Dreis route is getting easier. Still only managing 7mph up both hills but I dont feel as worn out during the climb nor after so I’m taking that as a good sign. Or it was the Gu Gel shot I took prior lol. I maxed out at a heart rate of about 190 the first time I challenged that hill. Now im averaging low to mid 180’s. A nice pace for me is at 160. I’ve got a fast heart beat compared to Rob. Where i’m pounding away at 170 he’s pounding away at 90.

As far as the meal plan is going..this past week was kind of a flop. We still ate good minus a day of pizza but this is because we had a friend staying over for a while so we werent able to stay on track with the meals. I’m still not following it 100% only because i’ve got a taste for foods that arent good for you lol. I monched on a nice piece of German Bakery (big heaping glob of custard in the middle…oh drool!), had pizza, had pizza bites, but now that I think of it I didnt have any candy! Go me! I have begun to see a change in my weight though. In total i’ve lost 7lbs now since I maxed out on my weight here. I’m about where I was pre-back injury. Only 5 more lbs to go until im at my 2008 weight.

Back to the meals….we’ve discovered that hummus makes a good replacement for mayonase/miracle whip as a spread. I’ve learned to oven-steam fresh vegetables (lightly rub olive oil on a foil sheet and wrap cut veggies in it, placing it in the oven at about 350-400 F about 10 mins or until to desired tenderness). I’m working on perfecting baked potatos. We’re prefecting our grilling and kabobing. We’re trying out new fish, had my first halibut steak the other day. Our fridge is almost all fresh foods..and with this we’re learning how quickly these fresh foods go bad! Berries should be eaten as soon as possible and bought frequently as well as spinach.

And with that…i’ve got nothing else to update on other than the local bike race is on the 15th and so far there is one girl in my category im up against and I have no idea who she is.


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