50 miles of Road signs

Sunday I did a 50 miler solor Ride. Rob was off doing a 70 miler with a friend. Along the way I decided that i’d snap a shot of road signs along the way. I headed through the hilly loop to Dreis heading into Spiecher, followed by a lap of base and then down through Oberkail coming out at Spang town and doing another lap of base. I realized alot of the loops we do tend to not much more than 20 miles each if even so getting a whole 50 miles in was kinda interesting without doing an area twice. Hopefully Rob will be taking me on new longer routes soon since im upto longer rides now on the weekends. Im hoping to get my goal of 60 miles in next month. This was the original plan Rob was hoping for me to get to and its looking promising.

Oh and i’ve updated my current mileage.


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