I rode with the boys

Well sort of. Every friday Rob has decided to do easy group rides to try and invite new people to come out and cycle with us. Somedays people show some days not. Today a new guy that came last week showed up and I happened to join along. I figured oh since this is like his 4th or 5th time biking I should be fine when Rob mentiond that he wanted to do hills. Sadly this guy beat me up the hills! I’ll give it to him because he’s a marathon runner. Runnings done good for his legs in the transition to the cycling world. However, I forgot his name lol. I can also say he beat me because I did this same hilly loop on tuesday doing intervals! Then the following day I did the hills on base trying to stand and pedal up each of them 4x in a row so my legs were beat. Ah who am I fooling..i just need to work on hills.

Aside from them having to wait on me at the top it was a nice ride. I wasnt expecting the hills but so it goes with last minute decisions and the fact that nobody else showed up. Tomorow im doing an easy ride. and I will update my cycling miles tonight.


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