The results are in

Rob and I both placed 2nd in our age groups. Their was actualy some competition for me this. 2 other girls showed up one in my age group and one in senior. Both have had previous cycling experience so it was still a loss for me but I had fun and I beat a personal record by riding 3mph faster than my average!

The course was a bit ugly. The guy that chose it for that area is a smack tocker older guy who always tries to push buttons of the younger guys claiming he can beat them all. Well Rob proved him wrong and beat him! Women did 8 laps of a 5km loop while men did 12. A bad storm rolled through the night before so there were alot of branches, leaves, and pinecones all over the ground. Not to mention the horrible potholes on the hilly section! Worse holes than our base has. The hill was short but steep so after about 2 laps your legs were killing.

I kept on the wheels of the girls uptil the middle of the 2nd lap when I dropped my chain. I wasnt able to catch upto them after that..they got a whole lap ahead of me by the finish. BUT I did manage to pass 2 of the guys lol. We werent given our times so I dont know what I did it in. They did have a timer out but I wasnt paying attention when I passed the line.  Nor do I have pictures because I forgot my dang camera. So we’re hoping the site posts our pictures.

It was a fun event but it wasnt set up like Eglin does. They provided water, hotdogs and soda and that was about it. Usualy there fruit and stuff as well but I can complain to much because they had stuff to offer. Some of the more serious cyclists were a bit put off by the way it was organized. They even gave us runner numbers (the kind that you put over your head and were sort of like a t-shirt…people werent happy with that and ended up cutting the number out and zip tied them to the front of the bikes).

Overall it was a fun event though. Cant wait till our homefront race next month!!! I hope some girls show up to this one as well!


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