The Jersey problem.

Yesterday Rob got a new Lois Garneau Jersey kit in the mail. I dropped it off for him at work. I was kind of jealous. Its a nice kit and I wouldnt mind wearing the style myself but thats the thing..maybe I just dont know where to look but I never find team kits for women. Granted most kits are mens teams anyways but sheesh. Im sick of my options only being cute girly flowers or solid colors. I want something with names and sponsor. Superficial yes …necessary not really. It seems the only way a woman can get a women’s team jersey is to infact be part of that team. So why isnt it this way for men??

I’d like to be on Team Kenda. They have a midwest group that races in the vacinity of Wisconsin and surrounding states. However im not living there right now so I guess thats not an option till I move back to Wisconsin area in 10yrs lol.

However I did managed to find a simple Hincapie kit for women. Not expensive either.

I also like this jersey The dark pink and full light pink versions. Too pricey for me though.

And then there’s this kit..which isnt the most appealing but eh,

Focus bike sweepstakes by SportBeans

I will be returning to this topic when i come across more jersey kits out there. For now I’m off to do a few easy laps to get my legs stretched out after 2 1/2 weeks off the roadbike. I will also update my distance stats seeing as i’ve been neglecting that. Chow


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