As usualy I should be getting ready for work but instead im blogging quick. Nothing really going on at this moment regarding biking. We got a call from the bike shop wensday. Apparently my bike is a 9 speed. Rob originaly thought it was 10 speed because of the components that were on it when we originaly purchased it, and the parts that were on it uptil this week. So when we changed them out this would explain all the troubles I was having. The bike shop is changing parts and I will hopefully have it by this weekend. :cross your fingers:!! Im getting antsy. The weather as has been GORGEOUS for bike riding. The most riding i’ve been getting in is for commuting. Nearly everyday last week and a few days the beginnging of this week. The last 2 days however i’ve driven to work.

I enjoy using the bianchi, even if its uncomfortable some days due to fit. I love using my pannier. It fits more contents¬†than a backpack and its easier riding than with the weight on my back. People on base stare at me but I could care less. Just the other day I got a big box in the mail…the box didnt fit ..maybe if I had bungee’s but i just removed the contents and they all fit nicely in the pannier. So handy! A christmas present that will last a lifetime!


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