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Eating for your lifestyle

Rob has started a ‘diet’. Not your typical ‘omg I gotta lose weight’ kind of diet but a diet to best suite his lifestyle of endurance cycling. When I did the grocery shopping for the first weeks meal plan I was a wee bit thrown off at the grocery store. A few things I was unable to find due to limited selection but was able to get most of it. I guess I wasnt the most open minded about having to curb some of my meals to what was in the fridge but given a week it didnt take long for me adjust. A meal or 2 shared from his I kind of like what the plan’s got to offer. Although I make some mild adjustments to appeal to my tastebuds for example..plain yogurt, i’ve decided, is not good to me. And some of the meals are slightly plain so i’ve added butter and all good things flavored to my portions.

What is this plan your asking? Well its the Carmichael Trainign System. The plans are individual per amount of calories needed a day. The plans arent free so I wont be sharing them all but here’s 2 meals as examples of what the plan has to offer:

Breakfast Smoothie (606 Calories)-
8oz Fat Free Yogurt
1/4 C Skim Milk
1 Banana
1 C Sliced Strawberries
1/4 C dry old fashioned oatmeal
1/2 C fruit of choice
2 Tbsp Wheat Germ
2 Tbsp Ground Flax Seed

I can vouche that this is very yummy because im drinking it right now. If you prefer smooth smoothies then you may not like it with the germ, flax, and oats. But those are vital parts to the recipe.

Chicken Taco-
1 Whole wheat tortilla
2oz grilled Chicken
1/8 C each: Romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, low fat shredded Cheese
1 Tbsp salsa

as a side for this dinner:
1 C steamed brown rice

snacks range from whole wheat pretzels, to fruit/cream cheese filled pita’s, to meat roll-ups.

The plan offers 9 weeks of meals, 6 meals a day, and typical do not repeat. Week one down and Rob says he’s noticed a change. I myself will probably try it more this next week but I can tell that even though these portions can be small they are filling and offer plenty of energy..hence all the carbs.


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50 miles of Road signs

Sunday I did a 50 miler solor Ride. Rob was off doing a 70 miler with a friend. Along the way I decided that i’d snap a shot of road signs along the way. I headed through the hilly loop to Dreis heading into Spiecher, followed by a lap of base and then down through Oberkail coming out at Spang town and doing another lap of base. I realized alot of the loops we do tend to not much more than 20 miles each if even so getting a whole 50 miles in was kinda interesting without doing an area twice. Hopefully Rob will be taking me on new longer routes soon since im upto longer rides now on the weekends. Im hoping to get my goal of 60 miles in next month. This was the original plan Rob was hoping for me to get to and its looking promising.

Oh and i’ve updated my current mileage.

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I rode with the boys

Well sort of. Every friday Rob has decided to do easy group rides to try and invite new people to come out and cycle with us. Somedays people show some days not. Today a new guy that came last week showed up and I happened to join along. I figured oh since this is like his 4th or 5th time biking I should be fine when Rob mentiond that he wanted to do hills. Sadly this guy beat me up the hills! I’ll give it to him because he’s a marathon runner. Runnings done good for his legs in the transition to the cycling world. However, I forgot his name lol. I can also say he beat me because I did this same hilly loop on tuesday doing intervals! Then the following day I did the hills on base trying to stand and pedal up each of them 4x in a row so my legs were beat. Ah who am I fooling..i just need to work on hills.

Aside from them having to wait on me at the top it was a nice ride. I wasnt expecting the hills but so it goes with last minute decisions and the fact that nobody else showed up. Tomorow im doing an easy ride. and I will update my cycling miles tonight.

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The results are in

Rob and I both placed 2nd in our age groups. Their was actualy some competition for me this. 2 other girls showed up one in my age group and one in senior. Both have had previous cycling experience so it was still a loss for me but I had fun and I beat a personal record by riding 3mph faster than my average!

The course was a bit ugly. The guy that chose it for that area is a smack tocker older guy who always tries to push buttons of the younger guys claiming he can beat them all. Well Rob proved him wrong and beat him! Women did 8 laps of a 5km loop while men did 12. A bad storm rolled through the night before so there were alot of branches, leaves, and pinecones all over the ground. Not to mention the horrible potholes on the hilly section! Worse holes than our base has. The hill was short but steep so after about 2 laps your legs were killing.

I kept on the wheels of the girls uptil the middle of the 2nd lap when I dropped my chain. I wasnt able to catch upto them after that..they got a whole lap ahead of me by the finish. BUT I did manage to pass 2 of the guys lol. We werent given our times so I dont know what I did it in. They did have a timer out but I wasnt paying attention when I passed the line.  Nor do I have pictures because I forgot my dang camera. So we’re hoping the site posts our pictures.

It was a fun event but it wasnt set up like Eglin does. They provided water, hotdogs and soda and that was about it. Usualy there fruit and stuff as well but I can complain to much because they had stuff to offer. Some of the more serious cyclists were a bit put off by the way it was organized. They even gave us runner numbers (the kind that you put over your head and were sort of like a t-shirt…people werent happy with that and ended up cutting the number out and zip tied them to the front of the bikes).

Overall it was a fun event though. Cant wait till our homefront race next month!!! I hope some girls show up to this one as well!

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Here on out

Alright folks, From here on out its just college and cycling to fill my time. Are you ready to follow me as I devote my days to cycling? First goal is to have fun at the K-town race tomorow. Second, get a daily dose of the road on 2 wheels regularly. Third, lose 8lbs. Away we go….

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The Jersey problem.

Yesterday Rob got a new Lois Garneau Jersey kit in the mail. I dropped it off for him at work. I was kind of jealous. Its a nice kit and I wouldnt mind wearing the style myself but thats the thing..maybe I just dont know where to look but I never find team kits for women. Granted most kits are mens teams anyways but sheesh. Im sick of my options only being cute girly flowers or solid colors. I want something with names and sponsor. Superficial yes …necessary not really. It seems the only way a woman can get a women’s team jersey is to infact be part of that team. So why isnt it this way for men??

I’d like to be on Team Kenda. They have a midwest group that races in the vacinity of Wisconsin and surrounding states. However im not living there right now so I guess thats not an option till I move back to Wisconsin area in 10yrs lol.

However I did managed to find a simple Hincapie kit for women. Not expensive either.

I also like this jersey The dark pink and full light pink versions. Too pricey for me though.

And then there’s this kit..which isnt the most appealing but eh,

Focus bike sweepstakes by SportBeans

I will be returning to this topic when i come across more jersey kits out there. For now I’m off to do a few easy laps to get my legs stretched out after 2 1/2 weeks off the roadbike. I will also update my distance stats seeing as i’ve been neglecting that. Chow

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I finaly got my bike back from the shop. Im excited. Took her for a test drive around the block. Feels totaly different but I suppose that can happen when you realized you had been riding on incorrect parts for how many years. Hopefully it wont affect me much during our race on sunday. I’m pumped for it.  Hoping I have competition..even if I dont make first at the end of it.

Tomorow im gonna try to fit in a ride before work if at all possible. I’m also counting down the days. Friday’s my last day of work and next week I have midterm exam so no school work nor work so it will be an eventful week of biking.

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