If aint broken..dont fix it.

In my case it was broken and it did need fixing. Upon inspection of the new parts Rob explained to me just how an 11-28 cassette works and that I had a 12-25 currently on my bike. He explained that the 11-28 will make for easier higher gears and harder hard gears but that my inbetween wouldnt be as close to each other in feel..meaning basicaly that for flat rides the gears would feel a bit harder. Sooo he convinced me to let him put on a 12-27 he had laying around from an unused bike. In the process he changed out my chain which he isnt 100% sure now if my bikes a 10speed as he thought or if it in fact has  9 speed parts on it because the gears arent shifting so nicely. He think this may be due to the 3 ring I have..i guess he’s not used to tuning a 3 ring.

So I took my bike for a spin on base today to get used to the feel of having an actually clean set of gears! I soon got very frustrated with them. During shifting on the 3 ring..the chain fell off a few times. When shifting between the gears they did what i’ll call ‘the chain dance’. The chain would clink around between gears before settling on one that I wasnt aiming to use..it also wouldnt go on the largest ring nor on the smallest ring in the back cassette. There was also quite a large delay between me shifting and the gear actually catching…my legs pedals in limbo for a while making for very inconsistant pedal..only for the gear to decide to settle on a hard one hurting my legs.  So after my 2nd lap I called it quits.

Wensday im taking my bike to the shop and having them fix it. I dont want hubs thinking he’s incapable but even he admits that he isnt good with the triple ring. And since I know absolutely nothing about fixing gears..im leaving it to the professional. I just want it fixed enough that i’ll be used to the gears and able to ride it with ease for the race on the 11th.

I will admit though…its fantabulous having shiney parts again 😀


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