Small upgrades

Now that I will be jobless this means a new bike for me is post-poned. No biggy. It would have been nice but I accept the consequences of the income slash. But while I’m still recieving a few more paychecks in the following weeks we are able to make some minor upgrades to my existing bike.

A new chain, finaly! And new rear casset (shimano 6700)11-28. Easy riding you say with a 3 ring infront? Exactly! I just need to get used to the many more gear shifting options. I now have a 15-25 on it I believe. Rob feels im now due to move up to a 2 ringer infront as well. Hmmm I think I prefer my option of laziness, honestly.

Now I just have to wait for him to get the time to change them out. Im curious to see how different my riding will feel with a cassette that isnt coated with sand and crud from florida still. Im pretty sure its gonna feel like heaven on 2 wheels.

Homework has consumed the last 2 days so I havent been getting my riding on. This is what I get for holding off till the end of the week to do the assignments. Theres just so much reading to do before the assignments. ..yes im being a whiner. So in oh say about 20-30 mins I will be mounting up for some laps on base. Im feeling lazy this weekend and dont feel like venturing out to do hills or distances far from home. I think im just gonna do as many laps on base as I mentaly can handle then come home and finish my homework. The first race of the season is in 3 weeks afterall. I cant let myself get rusty. I feel I may have competition this year!


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