More time to ride

The latest in my world today consists of a pretty big decision i’ve recently made. Im quitting my job. I’ve decided to focus heavily on school at the current time while we’re able to do it (financial stable, no kids). This has been on my mind for quite a while and i’ve finaly discussed it with my husband and he saw nothing wrong with doing this. My main worry is that my classes are being payed through Tuition Assistance. If I fail a class because I dont have all the time to study (i need to read something at least 3x over for it to stick) then I would have to pay back for it. So by mid July I will be jobless and have all the time in the world for my studies. Im excited about this…even if some subjects bore me.

A bonus to this? More riding time!! The brain needs a break from all that learning and what better way to do it than to clear the mind on 2 wheels!

I’ve been commuting alot lately. Robs needed the car so i’ve been commuting. I think I may go out with a bang on this by commuting everyday until my last day at work. Theres nothing else i can really commute for anyways unless I decided to make trips to the library for studying or something.

I also think I may get to my goal weight now. I will no longer be tempted to eat fast food for lunch everyday, nor have a starbucks on my morning shifts or be tempted by all the sweets co-workers always bring in. And my worst habit will no longer be so easily supported or available, Soda.  I will miss my job alot and all the friends i’ve made but its not like im going to hold myself up in the house 24/7.

This will definately be an interesting experience.


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  1. Focus focus focus and you will make. You are young and energetic. It will never be any easier than it is now. Your post clearly demonstrates your desire. Simply follow through and take the action rquired to accomplish your goals ma’am!

    Al (old fart) Williams

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