First Race of the year.

There is still not a 100% confirmation on this but Sunday is supposed to be a Road Race at Ramstein AB. I managed to get off for the race and my friend hopefully rounded up an alternative to take her to the airport. Which leaves my morning open to attend the race. Weather is supposed to be decent. My only fear is that i’ve never ridden on Ramstein before so I have no idea what the route is like. To a point I hope for competition but at the same time im liking getting all these first places for my category lol.

I had planned on a long bike ride this weekend but that is now post poned until after the race. This week will be light to moderate riding as to not injure myself before the race. With my knee giving me problems I need to take it easy so I can pound hard during the race. Which wont be to hard since its set to rain most of the week.

So Rob and I, as well as a few other bikers, will head out sunday in hopes the race is actually taking place. If not then we just drove an hour for nothing lol.


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