Girls ‘ride’ out

Above is my riding buddy Sarah and me.

 As the boys went out for an all day ride to lord-knows-where we had decided during the week that we were due for a ride ourselves. It was a beautiful day! Not to hot not to cold. Just right. Our ride took us through Oberkail to Kylburg then out via the Kyllburg bike trail to Speicher. A nice 30 mile loop for me. Although getting out of that Kyllburg valley can be quite treaturous (sp). This route offers lots of beautiful distracting views.  After these photos it slipped my mind to take more pics.  I will do this route again maybe next weekend with Rob so hopefully i’ll remember next time.

On the way out of the route in Speicher we come face to face with an ice cream shop. How perfect. I will definately be visiting that place at some point.

The day earlier I got a 35 mile ride in. The heat made me cut it short. Definately doesnt beat the Florida heat index’s but living here for a year now with all the cold temps 80 degree’s feels like 100.

Today is another non-optional day of biking to work. Rob needed the car and im stuck with my bike. This isnt bad but its just so typical…the forcast is rain. Honestly I dont think i’ve had one day when I have to ride to work that weather is nice. Have to bike to work=icky weather. Thanks mother nature.

I have a new life goal. On top of getting a Masters in Nutritional Science i’m adding to my list with joining a women’s cycling team. Now, this will only happen if the next location we move to has a team in the vacinity. Granted im on a team now (Spangdahlem Saber cycling) this team is the majority Mt.Bikers and as soon as Rob and I got here the team seems to slowly be dwindling down. Its all Military members (aside from spouses) which adds to the reason..12’s, deployments, exercises, etc. And there just arent that many USAFE road races. They used to have an Armed Forces Cycling team which died away about 2-3yrs ago. So lets see if I can meet this goal in the states. I may be 26 but I still have lots of potential!


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