When training for anything you reach challenges, these challenges become improvements, these improvements become accomplishments. With accomplishments you become proud. Slowly but surely im getting better at hills and my times are getting faster. My speeds are beginning to pick up. On decents im getting upto 35mph. After a good chain cleaning this may even become faster.

There’s supposidely the first road race in Ramstein AB this coming sunday. However I completely forgot about it and offered to take a friend to the aiport. I have no idea what time the race begins so I have no idea if i’ll be able to fit in both. Not to mention I have to work that day but im not sure if I could get off for the race because this weekend is my given weekend off. So the odds are stacking up against me on this race. USAFE road races are horribly scarce here making me quite mad if I wont be able to make the event. Theres nothing in stone as to if its that day or not and nobody seems to agree on the date or is able to find someone that actually does know. Time will tell. I still have the race on spang in August at least. I know for next year now. I’ll probably be the only chick in my age rage again anyways. ..meaning no competition..

In commuting news, I havent kept my word in going everyday. I did get a few days in last week but so far I havent this week. My knee has begun hurting a little from all the hilly rides so i’ve been sparing the rides to work this week. Next week i’ll be picking it back up again.

Speaking of hills and right knee has been feeling like pins and needles pain and then my back has been aching again. Definately not as bad as last year so I need to be sure im doing lots of stretching. Heating pad at night helps alot as well.

I finaly updated my distance in my log. 715 miles recorded this year.

Tomorow I have another day off and the weathers looking superb so im planning either a 40 or 50 mile ride depending on how I feel. Sadly the hubs has to work so i’ll be doing it alone.


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