More Commuter chatter

The Hubs tries to ‘fight’ me on this topic, he’s just as supportive as I am of him cycling but this is the one biking topic that he seems insistant on. I say I want a commuter bike but he feels my current commuting status doesnt justify getting a commuter bike. Is it greedy of me to want a bike specialy for commuting? And that that would probably motivate me to commute more often? He commutes to work on his in crappy weather and one of his road bikes during good weather. So really he doesnt have a set commuter, he just goes however he can. More power to him. I see nothing wrong with this but I personaly want a comfortable bike that fits me that I can use my pannier on instead of hauling a backpack which hurts my back as I take my road bike. I’ve pretty much given up on the Bianchi because when I was commuting over the winter I really noticed how much the bike just doesnt fit me.

The more he buys bikes and bike parts for himself the more I get jealous that im not getting my simple request of a commuter bike. Dont get me wrong he isnt being a flat out dick about it…i just throw the topic it out there randomly on occasion and get the typical response ‘you need to commute more to justify it’. 

He has agreed to build one for me this summer. Will it actually happen? Only time will tell. I think for now im going to be on the hunt for a frame. I’ve thrown out ideas in previous posts but none were truly ‘the one’. Im not to fond of the dutch style bikes. They are pretty and i’d use one for maybe strolling around but for commuting I want something more sleek and sporty looking. Thus why im kind of set on a cyclocross style frame. I’ve said before that I wanted drop bars but after riding to work on my road bike im thinking maybe flat bars would be better. I’ve used my drops but just going down hills…a pannier would kind of break speed a little making the drops are little unnecessary.

What kind bikes do you use for commuting??

Oh and i’ll be updating my miles rode soon. I’ve been to lazy to add it all up.


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