Halfway to Gerolstein

Yesterday I felt like a new route. The weather was beautiful and warm. Rob decided to take me through Kyllburg. He warned of steep hills but I didnt care I wanted new sights. So we headed out to the trail out of Kyllburg. Reaching slightly past Murlenbach where I took the photo of the castle and germans fishing. In total we biked 46.5 miles. The Kyllburg hill looks horribly long and steep but all in all it realy wasnt that bad coming back up. I got slight heat stroke at the top so we had to stop for a moment but this is also my own fault for only bringing one water bottle. I didnt know we’d ride nearly 50 miles however. Next time now I know.

This route will eventually take you out to Gerolstein. The city that makes Gerolsteiner water. The brand that had the Gerolsteiner cycling team that rode the tour de france. I dont believe they have a team anymore though. My goal by the end of the summer is to ride out to Gerolstein and back. A near 100 miler I believe.


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