The slump

When weather gets icky we tend to hold ourselves up in the house. This is my case the last week and half. Temps have gotten as low as the 30’s but not much higher than the 50’s. Random rain. No sun. Very unmotivating. The weather forcast says its supposed to be sunny today. Wheres the sun? A high of 55 by 2pm but i have to work. So basicaly I missed the nice day it was yesterday and now the weathers crud again. I still have 3hrs to wait for it to get nice again. I miss the nice spring/summer weather. Please come back.

Either way im going for a ride. I just hope I dont get cold.

If weather is always like this in summer here we may consider not extending here. Its looking more and more promising that we’ll go back to the states when our time is up but not just because of weather..because of my husbands work. Things arent as people made them out to be here and it hasnt been quite as fun as we thought it was going to be. Its been a year and we’ve only been on one trip which lasted an evening. He just cant get the time to do anything and it sucks. It will make a cross country bike ride nearly impossible at this rate. We have our trip to the Mayorka (sp) island in spain planned for October. We both managed to get leave for that. So thats something to look forward to 😀 Lots of bike riding there! I still want to see Copenhagan! And Hamberg! and visit Austria! And swing by Ireland!

Well this week even if the weather is crappy I plan to get out of my cycling slump. I dotn want to lose all that i’ve gained so far.


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