Duathlon finished. 1st Place.

By default again pretty much. I almost didnt do the race. Rob was supposidly backing out because he hurt his knee during a ride the other day but decided last minute this morning that he was going to. I decided the day before that I was infact going to give it a shot even though I had not been running since winter. Needless to say it was pretty torturous. But I managed to finish. Got a medal too.

We rode our bikes to the event to warm up. Was a chilly morning but managed to warm up for the race. The first run was horrible because it was still cold and my lungs burned and my muscles just didnt want to move. Once I got on the bike I felt alot better. But doing the run again after the ride wrecked havoc on my legs. During the last lap on the bike I noticed my calves were wanting to tighten up so I took it easy. Then came the run..I got maybe a few feet in and I had to walk right away. My calves were tightening up hard core almost to charlie-horse point. So  I stopped and stretched them. They eventually felt better but at that point I almost stopped and called it quits. Theres no way one can run with a charlie horse. But to add to the calves my knees started hurting. I sucked it up and did on/off running to finish the race.

Im going to say it was a mix of lack of training for the runs and lack of proper stretching. Plus i’ve never tried running after finishing a bike ride. But now I know what to improve upon for next years race. Cause baby, im gonna do it again!

So when the results came..I did 5k run, 30k ride, 5k run in 2:35.  It was 30 mins a run and then hour and a half for the bike ride which is what I average anyways when I ride 3 laps of base normaly. I was the only girl in my category so I got first place. The other girl (yes there was only one more girl) did the mt. bike cat.

In the end it was fun. I was proud for finishing even with the lack of preparation. There were only about 12 people that showed up for it.

I dont have pictures though since Rob and I both did the race. I didnt think to take the camera out for the post event. Oh well. We’ll see if they post our pictures on the base site. After the race Rob and I rode home and crashed in bed for an hour and half. My legs are killing me as I walk up and down the stairs at home. Kinda sucks but it was worth it. Tomorow we may do an easy ride just so our muscles can stretch out a bit. For dinner? Pizza!! With Soda!!


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