UCI World Cup Mt. Bike race in Houffalize, Belgium

I had a complete blast at the UCI World Cup. Heres UCI’s site. I’ve never watched or been into Mt.Bike races but it was fun. There was a small handful of us that went as part of the Outdoor Rec’s trip. There was a cross country race and the downhill race. The downhill started almost a half hour late so we didnt get to finish watching it all but I got quite a few pictures from them.  You can find them Here. Theres to many to post on here.  You should be able to view the images larger than whats shown by hitting the ‘view all sizes’ option above the picture.

We also enjoyed some awesome Belgian Waffles. I cant go back to Eggo anymore. I tried a regular one which ended being really sweet and then a pineapple filled one. Yuumm. Rob wants to go back to that town on our own to see what its like. We were told they are very big into cycling and theres alot of stuff devoted to cycling there.  Everybody was speaking french. So we didnt understand any part of the race. There were the occasional vendors that spoke english (since some of the brands were american after all). I didnt snap any shots of all the vendors but they had all the big bike companies and the occasional less heard of ones. It was a fun time. We’ll probably go again next year.

I was suprised to see some girls in the race. I just figured its a very male dominent sport, which it is, but there were quite a few girls racing in the cross country and the downhill. It was awesome to see.

In other news, Saturday is the Duathlon on base. Im doing it. I have not been running since winter on the treadmill so im nervous about that but im going to give it a shot. My goal is to finish not to beat anybody. Its a 5k run, 30k bike, 5k run. Should be interesting to see how I do since I wasnt running more thank 5k  even on the treadmill. Im going to hope my adrenalin helps me out.

Next month is a road race at Kaiserslautern base that im hoping to do. Again goal is to just finish it.



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2 responses to “UCI World Cup Mt. Bike race in Houffalize, Belgium

  1. Loved the picture of the cathedral.
    Did you try the “Sport” setting on your camera?

    Looked like a fun time!

  2. Yea it was huge. I did use the sport setting and i’ve taken photo’s of a mt. bike race before and they’ve turned out fine so i dont know why it wasnt working great that night. Maybe they were just going to fast lol. I dont work with my good camera that often I should have messed with the shutter speed. Oh well. Im used to shooting flowers 😀

    Maybe next years race!

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