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He wins, I lose.

We had another quick discussion last night and this morning in regards to this commuter bike. He’s put his foot down. I need to bike more to get a commuter. This not really being my choice because he brings home 80% of the bacon. So what will I be doing? Commuting the rest of the summer. Starting today..rain or shine. I’ve rode in rain and snow before so its not the end of the world. I just hate putting Lulu in those conditions but as long as I dont keep her outside and clean her often there should be no problem with rusting.

So for now I will silently continue to be jealous as he has begun looking for another bike..a commuter. I give up in asking. For now I will be on the look for a commuter that would suite me. I still prefer the road bike frame. But I want solid so preferably no carbon fiber. I came across a simple one on ebay this morning and you can see it has the pannier holes…and go figure I have a Giant OCR Elite right now. Guess im a Giant addict lol. Hmm or its the only brand that makes xs frames for chicks..

Weather has slumped back to typical Germany. Rain came in over night..with thunder and lightening (a rariety) and now its all clouds, rain, and getting cooler again. Jeez. Does it ever just stay nice here? lol Im beginning to think not.


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More Commuter chatter

The Hubs tries to ‘fight’ me on this topic, he’s just as supportive as I am of him cycling but this is the one biking topic that he seems insistant on. I say I want a commuter bike but he feels my current commuting status doesnt justify getting a commuter bike. Is it greedy of me to want a bike specialy for commuting? And that that would probably motivate me to commute more often? He commutes to work on his in crappy weather and one of his road bikes during good weather. So really he doesnt have a set commuter, he just goes however he can. More power to him. I see nothing wrong with this but I personaly want a comfortable bike that fits me that I can use my pannier on instead of hauling a backpack which hurts my back as I take my road bike. I’ve pretty much given up on the Bianchi because when I was commuting over the winter I really noticed how much the bike just doesnt fit me.

The more he buys bikes and bike parts for himself the more I get jealous that im not getting my simple request of a commuter bike. Dont get me wrong he isnt being a flat out dick about it…i just throw the topic it out there randomly on occasion and get the typical response ‘you need to commute more to justify it’. 

He has agreed to build one for me this summer. Will it actually happen? Only time will tell. I think for now im going to be on the hunt for a frame. I’ve thrown out ideas in previous posts but none were truly ‘the one’. Im not to fond of the dutch style bikes. They are pretty and i’d use one for maybe strolling around but for commuting I want something more sleek and sporty looking. Thus why im kind of set on a cyclocross style frame. I’ve said before that I wanted drop bars but after riding to work on my road bike im thinking maybe flat bars would be better. I’ve used my drops but just going down hills…a pannier would kind of break speed a little making the drops are little unnecessary.

What kind bikes do you use for commuting??

Oh and i’ll be updating my miles rode soon. I’ve been to lazy to add it all up.

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Halfway to Gerolstein

Yesterday I felt like a new route. The weather was beautiful and warm. Rob decided to take me through Kyllburg. He warned of steep hills but I didnt care I wanted new sights. So we headed out to the trail out of Kyllburg. Reaching slightly past Murlenbach where I took the photo of the castle and germans fishing. In total we biked 46.5 miles. The Kyllburg hill looks horribly long and steep but all in all it realy wasnt that bad coming back up. I got slight heat stroke at the top so we had to stop for a moment but this is also my own fault for only bringing one water bottle. I didnt know we’d ride nearly 50 miles however. Next time now I know.

This route will eventually take you out to Gerolstein. The city that makes Gerolsteiner water. The brand that had the Gerolsteiner cycling team that rode the tour de france. I dont believe they have a team anymore though. My goal by the end of the summer is to ride out to Gerolstein and back. A near 100 miler I believe.

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The slump

When weather gets icky we tend to hold ourselves up in the house. This is my case the last week and half. Temps have gotten as low as the 30’s but not much higher than the 50’s. Random rain. No sun. Very unmotivating. The weather forcast says its supposed to be sunny today. Wheres the sun? A high of 55 by 2pm but i have to work. So basicaly I missed the nice day it was yesterday and now the weathers crud again. I still have 3hrs to wait for it to get nice again. I miss the nice spring/summer weather. Please come back.

Either way im going for a ride. I just hope I dont get cold.

If weather is always like this in summer here we may consider not extending here. Its looking more and more promising that we’ll go back to the states when our time is up but not just because of weather..because of my husbands work. Things arent as people made them out to be here and it hasnt been quite as fun as we thought it was going to be. Its been a year and we’ve only been on one trip which lasted an evening. He just cant get the time to do anything and it sucks. It will make a cross country bike ride nearly impossible at this rate. We have our trip to the Mayorka (sp) island in spain planned for October. We both managed to get leave for that. So thats something to look forward to 😀 Lots of bike riding there! I still want to see Copenhagan! And Hamberg! and visit Austria! And swing by Ireland!

Well this week even if the weather is crappy I plan to get out of my cycling slump. I dotn want to lose all that i’ve gained so far.

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Duathlon finished. 1st Place.

By default again pretty much. I almost didnt do the race. Rob was supposidly backing out because he hurt his knee during a ride the other day but decided last minute this morning that he was going to. I decided the day before that I was infact going to give it a shot even though I had not been running since winter. Needless to say it was pretty torturous. But I managed to finish. Got a medal too.

We rode our bikes to the event to warm up. Was a chilly morning but managed to warm up for the race. The first run was horrible because it was still cold and my lungs burned and my muscles just didnt want to move. Once I got on the bike I felt alot better. But doing the run again after the ride wrecked havoc on my legs. During the last lap on the bike I noticed my calves were wanting to tighten up so I took it easy. Then came the run..I got maybe a few feet in and I had to walk right away. My calves were tightening up hard core almost to charlie-horse point. So  I stopped and stretched them. They eventually felt better but at that point I almost stopped and called it quits. Theres no way one can run with a charlie horse. But to add to the calves my knees started hurting. I sucked it up and did on/off running to finish the race.

Im going to say it was a mix of lack of training for the runs and lack of proper stretching. Plus i’ve never tried running after finishing a bike ride. But now I know what to improve upon for next years race. Cause baby, im gonna do it again!

So when the results came..I did 5k run, 30k ride, 5k run in 2:35.  It was 30 mins a run and then hour and a half for the bike ride which is what I average anyways when I ride 3 laps of base normaly. I was the only girl in my category so I got first place. The other girl (yes there was only one more girl) did the mt. bike cat.

In the end it was fun. I was proud for finishing even with the lack of preparation. There were only about 12 people that showed up for it.

I dont have pictures though since Rob and I both did the race. I didnt think to take the camera out for the post event. Oh well. We’ll see if they post our pictures on the base site. After the race Rob and I rode home and crashed in bed for an hour and half. My legs are killing me as I walk up and down the stairs at home. Kinda sucks but it was worth it. Tomorow we may do an easy ride just so our muscles can stretch out a bit. For dinner? Pizza!! With Soda!!

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UCI World Cup Mt. Bike race in Houffalize, Belgium

I had a complete blast at the UCI World Cup. Heres UCI’s site. I’ve never watched or been into Mt.Bike races but it was fun. There was a small handful of us that went as part of the Outdoor Rec’s trip. There was a cross country race and the downhill race. The downhill started almost a half hour late so we didnt get to finish watching it all but I got quite a few pictures from them.  You can find them Here. Theres to many to post on here.  You should be able to view the images larger than whats shown by hitting the ‘view all sizes’ option above the picture.

We also enjoyed some awesome Belgian Waffles. I cant go back to Eggo anymore. I tried a regular one which ended being really sweet and then a pineapple filled one. Yuumm. Rob wants to go back to that town on our own to see what its like. We were told they are very big into cycling and theres alot of stuff devoted to cycling there.  Everybody was speaking french. So we didnt understand any part of the race. There were the occasional vendors that spoke english (since some of the brands were american after all). I didnt snap any shots of all the vendors but they had all the big bike companies and the occasional less heard of ones. It was a fun time. We’ll probably go again next year.

I was suprised to see some girls in the race. I just figured its a very male dominent sport, which it is, but there were quite a few girls racing in the cross country and the downhill. It was awesome to see.

In other news, Saturday is the Duathlon on base. Im doing it. I have not been running since winter on the treadmill so im nervous about that but im going to give it a shot. My goal is to finish not to beat anybody. Its a 5k run, 30k bike, 5k run. Should be interesting to see how I do since I wasnt running more thank 5k  even on the treadmill. Im going to hope my adrenalin helps me out.

Next month is a road race at Kaiserslautern base that im hoping to do. Again goal is to just finish it.


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