Can I get a speeding ticket?

Is this a misdemeaner? I’ve had my Saber jersey for quite a while now but havent worn it till today (honestly I was waiting to fit into it again lol). I find that when you have a team jersey on more people stare at you.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of riding 2 of 3 laps with Sarah again. Always nice to have company!

Today’s ride was an exact duplicate of yesterdays minus the company. My average speed, time, and distance were exactly the same. Go figure huh. Guess thats a good thing though.

As I was riding I passed a base trooper that was monitoring speeds.  I passed them once and he yelled out ’29’ meaning 29 kph. My computer read 18mph. Good to know my computers accurate. Second time around I figured i’d speed it up a little incase they were there again. I had a pretty strong headwind so I didnt make much progress…he yelled out ’33’ kph this time. However my computer read 24 mph. Hm. One of ours is off. Encounters like that are fun. You know they have nothing better to do and find it interesting to see what speed a cyclist can get upto. I can often get 28 – 30mph on that road when the winds to my back, which it typicaly is, today was a rarety that headwind was on that side of base. As I was heading back home following a road just outside base I notice the guys busted someone. Oooo sucks to be that person! I wonder if I could get a ticket if I was going above the speed limit on my bike.

Saturday the husband and I are heading off to Belgium. The Outdoor Rec Center on base is doing a bus trip out to a Mountain Bike competition. Nobodies here is racing it..we’re all just spectating. I dont know much about the mt. bike scene but I think its a big race event. I’ll bring my good camera and post shots afterwards.

And..thats all for today. Temps peaked at 70 today 😀 Got some sexy cycling tan lines going. Im debating if I should  make tomorow a rest day or not. Its supposed to rain all weekend and it would be stupid to pass up another sunny day when the following days look crappy.



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3 responses to “Can I get a speeding ticket?

  1. I love to ride past the signs that are put up that read “Your Speed is_____” and have the posted speed listed underneath. Whenever I’m able to break the speed limit(which will always be 25MPH) I always hope there are a bunch of cars behind me to witness it!

  2. Do those things actually pick you up on the bike? A neighboring town has a similiar gives a smiley face or a frown face according to your speed.

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