I Stand corrected.

I will first note that my husband was a bit offended by my post in stating that he had Compagnolo Veloce parts on his bike. Those are apparently the low grade Campagnolo parts.  When I first glanced all I noticed were the names of the brakes that are Veloce, which he plans to replace asap.  The rest of the parts are actually Campagnolo Record which he is very proud of. Im a bike noob..how was i supposed to know. Hubby now feels that the damaged on his frame is just paint. He works with Carbon Fiber all day long just not in bicycle form…so is more confident now that it is just the paint.

Today is to be my long ride for the weekend (yes monday and tuesday is considered my weekend! Thanks work..) But as Im getting up at 7am the temps are a bit on the cool side and its foggy as heck out. Thankfully im not planning to go till this afternoon. Yay for sun that stays up till 9pm.

My husband and I have been throwing around the idea of opening a bike Shop when he retires from the military. Me being the one to first mention it. He seems quite interested in the idea. He builds bikes as his side job right now and he really enjoys it. Now I know owning a shop is way more than building or repairing bicycles but I figure its worth a shot. I just have ALOT of learning to do when it comes to bikes. Plus I have a feeling i’ll be the main financial guru of the shop so I will need some schooling in that area. Rob plans on going on to one of those bike schools. We’ll see what life brings. Anythings possible.



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2 responses to “I Stand corrected.

  1. SRAM rules! Tell hubby to dump that Campy junk…

  2. He planned on upgrading. He ordered some SRAM cause he wants to see what each has to offer. He’ll decide from there but really its all personal preference.

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