To kiss of Carbon Fiber

My husband is in a dilema. He purchase a used but in excellent condition Specialized Tarmac with very nice Campagnolo Veloce components. A pure carbon fiber frame. He took a fall on it last year but it appeared nothing was wrong with it. He took a nice long 102 mile ride on it yesterday. Got home and for some reason decided to inspect it. In doing so he realized a cracked on the frame below the crank. He is now in mourning with the fear that is deeper than just a paint crack. A trip to the local bike shop will determin the condition and wether or not he has lost his frame or not. Im a bit on the bummed side because it’s an expensive buy. But he insists that parts are worth more than frame. But thus is the chances one takes when getting a full carbon fiber frame. I still suffer from sticker shock whenever he buys new bike toys. However, a broken bike only means a new bike in the near future and he is in fact checking out new models already..still considering another Tarmac. :sigh: lol. That would make 3 new bikes this year already and we’re only into April. And this my friends is my husbands hobby and life.

Yesterday we went for a smooth 20 mile Ride in the morning. Heading out of town I made Rob stop to take my picture with the tulips. The photo doesnt do the flowers justice. They’re really pretty. Looks kind of blah in the photo’s though.

I finaly cleaned my bike after a horribly long period of bike neglect. I went a year without cleaning Lulu. Her chain and rings are now in pretty good shape but I noticed taht my neglect has caused some small spots of very minor rust on the chain. So sometime this year i’ll be getting a new one. I tried my best but riding in Florida has gotten sand stuck in spots I cant reach. Rob says I will probably need new chain components. Im learning. But because of the fresh clean and new oil I’ve earned my cyclist tattoo.





I had a fantabulous ride with a chick thats part of the Saber group. That was my first time really riding with another girl and with someone other than my husband! We did a pretty hilly loop which caused some slight torture to my back during the climbs but safe to say that my back did not suffer long once I got off the bike post ride. I’d say we’re pretty equal in our pace (though at times I can see where she’s got more years on teh bike than me). Its time I start taking to hills anyways. 20 milers are now my recovery rides and im riding the 3rd (heavy) ring alot more. I need more resistance and challenges. Tomorow im riding a 35 miler..though I have no idea where to.


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  1. great blog! we are having great weather in bavaria, hope you are too! my husband cracked a carbon mtn bike frame years back, but it was warrantied by the company (trek), he ended up selling the new frame they sent him and bought two 29’er frames, and he never went back to carbon. That sux though, stoopid carbon….peace! angie

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