To Cargo or not to Cargo.

When Rob and I get back to the states (depending on where we get moved to next), I think im going to push the idea of a cargo bike. Knowing my husband it probably wont take much convincing. He’s for anything bike related. Then its all about choosing the bike. Do we want cargo in front or back? What style of cargo? what brand of cargo? How big of a cargo? Unfortunately it’ll have to either be his or mine seeing as we’re two totaly different heights. One frame would not work for the both of us. Oooor I could convince him to get 2 Cargo bikes.  Yes that sounds even better!

Can I be honest? As much as im enjoying my time in feeling horribly disconnected from the states. Im yearning to live in a bike friendly community stateside (think somewhere in my homestate Wisconsin, or perhaps Portland, OR). The region of Germany we live in is very beautiful and fun for long cycling rides but everything is so far apart from each other here that really you need car to get any kind of day to day things done. Its 20 minutes by car to reach the closest big city (Bitburg)..about the same for the other bigger city (Wittlich). Maybe it wouldnt feel so bad if we lived in say Trier or one of those bigger cities where everything is easily a bike ride away. What is a long term goal for me?….to be one of those car-free families (at least to the best of my ability, I doubt we’d ever get rid of our car completely). I feel hippyish that way but i feel its a realistic and healthy goal if you put in the effort. I havent discussed with the husband but again im sure he wouldnt argue with the idea at all. Seeing at he’s already trying to push me into commuting more frequently.

Kid friendly cargo’s:

Well I suppose he could cargo while I could use this for my weekly grocery trips or bringing the pets to the vet 😀

Now this one is downright Snazzy…

Woah this one could really replace a car:

Oh Man I’d totaly go for one of these:

Alright I could probably go on and on with links of cargo’s i’d like but you can do a search yourself at this site.

Oh and whats a bike that I want right now?  In the blue 😀 Ooo pretty.


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